Career4Life services for companies

Our services for companies based around Career4Life range from the most simple service - an individual assessment - to broader support for the implementation of a new career strategy within the company.

Career4Life is a framework which enables companies to prepare their future with confidence

Career4Life is accessible

In the form of services

  • Career4Life assessments
  • Caree4Life coachings

Through the setting up of policies, processes and tools based on Career4Life

Career management framework

  • audit of HR policies with regard to career management
  • putting in place of a career management framework based on the principles of becoming an actor and of alignment

implementation of the framework

  • training of management
    in order to be able to use the career management framework
    in order to adopt the appropriate attitudes and behaviors

  • certification of internal experts and coaches
    in the use of the tools (Career4Life Insights, Wave, additional tools)
    in the implementation of other licensed services (e.g. Career4Life Talents)

  • development of modules such as Serious Games
    to enable individuals to really take their career into their own hands,
    aligned on corporate culture

success criteria

Within the company, success will depend on the existence of rooms for open discussion with hierarchy and HR, and of opportunities for mobility. We will help you to create them.

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