Career4Life Wellbeing & Performance

Career4Life Wellbeing & Performance has been developed to meet the growing difficulties of companies to empower employees in the development of their career and to prevent career crises, burn-out and other unwanted departures. Because people often feel alone in the face of their difficulties.

Career4Life Wellbeing & Performance aims to create, within organisations, an area for dialogue and coaching which is entirely confidential, focused on dealing with questions which individuals (managers or employees) ask themselves with regard to their career or their interpersonal relationships - in particular with their hierarchy.

Following clearly defined rules, the objective is either to resolve the problem directly, or to prepare a meeting with the company with a concrete proposal to solve the perceived issue. It aims therefore to highlight the notion of shared responsibility for an individual's career and life balance, in a spirit which values long-term performance and encourages open discussions and proactive solutions about career. The aim is also to avoid any unnecessary departure, career crisis, burn-out or illness.

Career4Life Wellbeing & Performance is therefore situated upstream of the usual actions taken with regard to absenteeism or occupational health, tackling problems as soon as they emerge, without waiting for them to escalate. This occurs in a context favouring sustainable career development.

basic principles

Creation of an environment favourable to an opening up, raising of awareness and empowerment

  • development of the "individual as the key actor for the success of own career and of life balance" (communication, programmes, workshops)
  • a confidential area for dialogue and reflection on their difficulties in terms of their career, life balance or relationships with hierarchy (ajouter en F: un espace confidentiel)
  • definition of rules of play and of simple and reassuring processes
  • management and HR training to be able to deal effectively with proposals

Solutions to support individual projects

  • putting forward targeted solutions to support individual projects and overcome identified impeding factors (virtual, blended or face-to-face solutions)

Ensuring a follow-up in the development and implementation of the project

The costs of the approach are very modest. They cost less than 1 day of absence by an employee over one year.

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