Career4Life talents

Career4Life has been eveloped to help companies create loyalty among their staff and develop their talents, overcoming the most common obstacles (wanting everything immediately; financial requirements; professional burnout; etc.). It addresses:

  • the identification of talents, with regard to different roles (management, leadership, project management, expertise, support, etc.)
  • the development of these talents to learn to accept and make the most of their strengths and to manage their limits

Career4Life talents is based on the following principles

Shared leadership upon careers

  • empowerment of the talent with regard to his/her project, assessment, development plan
  • HR and management training on the framework, so as to support adequately the process
  • targeted external support and guidance

Alignment of policies and procedures with regard to this philosophy

  • talent selection, development and mobility policy
  • recognition policy

Creation of a discussion area, internal coaching, with clear rules of the game

  • open dialogue with management and HR
  • access to individual coaching resources, for a person's own needs or to help managers manage more effectively the talents within their team

our Career4Life talents services

We help you

  • adapt existing processes and approaches, or create them if they do not already exist
  • build on the programmes through the introduction of relevant innovative tools
  • offer tailored training solutions, adapted to high numbers of participants (serious games) or targeted populations (training-action workshops)
  • train and support the key actors (HR, Management)

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