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universe & philosophy

our universe

Career4Life is constructed as a dynamic universe. It is based around

  • a philosophy
    that of the individual as the protagonist of their career, life and alignment

  • a diagnostic tool
    Career4Life Insights

  • high added-value, targeted services
    career assessments, career workshop, career coaching

  • global solutions
    Career4Life Talents; Career4Life Prevention & Performance

It implies certain developments in human resources policy and in managerial stances and behaviour, which we help to put in place.


Career4Life is above all a life philosophy, as it makes the link between success in one's career and success in one's life.

A career in line with one's ambitions, values and potential, in a positive and stimulating context, contributes significantly to life balance. Just as a healthy and stimulating private life favours long-lasting professional success.

Career4Life aims to enable individuals to achieve life balance and professional fulfilment, contributing to their health and their happiness by taking their career firmly into their own hands.

However, Career4Life is also a philosophy which will influence the way in which human resources are managed within organisations. This is achieved by finding new keys for the long-term recognition and development of employees' potential, by making the most of their energies and skills (commitment) and by avoiding the phenomena of demotivation and exhaustion.

This philosophy is one of alignment: the search for coherence between the various energies for maximum impact and efficiency.

All this does not come naturally. Career4Life is the heart of a comprehensive and progressive programme.

a comprehensive and progressive programme

for individuals
alignment between their

  • expectations and experience of daily reality
  • deep-seated values and those which they can or dare to express on a daily basis
  • talents and the way of making others aware of them, in response to real needs
  • material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies

For organisations
alignment is key for their long-lasting economic and human performance

  • between the demands for performance and job satisfaction (meaning, relationships, organisation, well-being, etc.)
  • between the need to control and autonomy/ empowerment
  • between the requirements relating to employability and the development of staff loyalty
  • between the various HR policies (e.g. remuneration, development, relief cover, mobility, etc.) and the company's strategy

The Career4Life approach ensures the right questions are asked with regard to the long-term commitment of individuals within the organisation and to the way career, leadership, management and monitoring processes and tools are designed.

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