Career4LifeTM Insights

The Career4life Insights 3D interactive software is a unique career and employability assessment tool which enables users :

  • to become aware
    of the way they feel with regard to their career and professional environment
    (degree of satisfaction, motivation and well-being)

  • to assess
    the way in which they take control of their career and promote their talents, in relation to market needs, to identify and overcome any obstacles which are preventing them from progressing in their life

  • to build and implement
    a relevant project, strategy and action plan

Several uses

  • Personalized management of careers within companies (development and retention)
  • Prevention of work-life imbalance, burnout and demotivation
  • Reintegration into the workforce of job seekers and professional development of self-employed people

A 3-levelled approach

  • Current context : How do individuals feel about their professional and private life ? How do they experience their current environment and job uncertainty ? How do they feel on a physical and psychological level ?
  • Career management : Do they pursue a personal project consistent with their talents and their experience ? And how open are they to other opportunities ?
  • Values : What matters in their life and how do they live up to their values in real situations (with others; under pressure) ?

advantages of Career4LifeTM Insights

Fast, fun and powerful

  • a tool, which encourages reflection and honest answers
  • immediate results
  • highlights obstacles and sources of tension

Integrated services

  • comprehensive assessments, coaching and workshops, externally or on site
  • setting up of processes encouraging individual empowerment and life balance
  • guidance and support in making the associated cultural changes, notably in HR policies and in managerial behaviours.

Attractive and advantageous

  • user-friendly
  • international certification for autonomous use of the tool (2 day course)
  • invoicing according to use


  • Migros Geneva
  • Raifeisen Bank
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